The Reduction of Tick Activity Through Integrative Sound Practices – Jennifer Molzen

This week we will be joined by Jennifer Molzen, owner and founder of Tick Tackler. Their mission is to educate the public on ecofriendly tick control, and tick-borne diseases. Join us this Saturday July 24th at 10 am EST. “Tick Tackler uses an integrative approach to reduce tick activity in the backyard. We educate our...

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Environmental Medicine Workshop

Understanding our conscious and subconscious and how we can become aware of it. What the different levels of consciousness are and how Quantum medicine can be used to increase stability. Introduction to subtle energies in our internal and external environment and how it impacts our physical being.

Environmental Medicine Workshop

Environmental Medicine Workshop The benefits of energy medicine and understanding how our body works. The application of physics and electronic applications of cellular structures. How Quantum physics explains mind & body communication, as well as, how our immune system responds to our emotions.

Your Microbiome & Why It’s Important?

We will explain what the Human Microbiome is and why is it important with fighting COVID. We will also discuss how COVID causes inflammation and prompt a cytokine storm that determines how severe COVID infection would be. We will discuss how to boost our immune system with probiotics and prebiotics.

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