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Healing Environments. By the mainstream definition, this is the practice that describes a physical setting and organizational culture that supports patients and families through occupational or environmental illnesses. The concept implies that the physical healthcare environment can make a difference in how quickly the patient recovers from or adapts to specific acute and chronic conditions.

Atlantis Naturopathic Clinic (ANC) - Health Services 

Naturopathic physicians work with nature to restore people’s health. Believing that our health and well-being is closely linked to our environment, the medical and health instruction experts at Atlantis began developing a unique program to assess the environment for individual at-risk for chronic diseases and learning difficulties. Our vision is to protect the community from the environmental pollution while also protecting the environment itself so that we can live and grow in harmony naturally.

Caring for the Whole Patient

Our physicians are up to date with research, recent advancements, and discoveries in the field of individual neurological and learning difficulties, such as autism and sensory processing dysfunction. Atlantis Naturopathic Clinic is determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with difficulties, as well as their families. Our services are also appropriate for individuals without difficulties, but who may benefit from ongoing wellness programs to maintain health and address chronic ailments, such as asthma, obesity, and more.

Health Professional and Family Training Center

The ANC health professional and training center program features a wide variety of interactive topics, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, homeopathic therapy, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy, yoga and movement therapies and quantum extracurricular hands-on practice in art, music, movement, science, technology, math, and more.  A beautifully appointed reception area welcomes each visitor.

To make an appointment call 908-636-3263

For Our Patients And Visitors - About Us

COVID19 Update

Maintaining your routine, like getting up, exercising, preparing your breakfast and getting dressed for the day, is a beginning practice for Distance Learning at our Centers.

Remember “Good Health and Planning For Your Day Starts At Your Home”!

At Atlantis our experiences designed around your Daily Living Activities and Assessment.

Telemedicine , Open and Distance Learning ( ODL):

Our naturopathic medical team is currently using Telemedicine to assessing our patients and students needs, to provide an individualized wellness and educational program to use At Distance. So whether you’re living with a chronic condition, or trying to find balance as a caregiver or a therapist to your loved ones, we can simply guide and educate you to achieve the best version of you!

Offers and Experiences include:

  • Emailing Health Assessment Survey and schedule a Tele -health assessment with one of our staff upon registering
  • Personalized Atlantis’s Health Assessment Survey
  • Personalized itinerary, and an initial Healthy Living Program to start your wellness program
  • At your request, an assigned Healthy Living Program contact and coach will assist your Experience and keeps you focused on your goals.
  • For caregivers, students and therapists, a daily hands-on practical life program is provided for your use with your loved ones or patients. Enjoy our daily virtual per subject workshop with half-day Experiences as per the Center’s ODL Schedule.
  • For Atlantis Centers' members and full time students, an online access is provided to Healthy Living Portal for expert advice, healthy recipes, and more.
  • Atlantis Lifer Members have online access to videos for a daily workout, dance and yoga, music lessons, and more.
  • Be on our Email List and receive free invitations tour  weekend community gatherings.
  • Our graduates have access  to our Alumni program, including special offers and discounts for all organic and natural remedies.

*NJ Locals: Make use of Atlantis’ wellness rooms, including infra saunas, Ozone Sauna and enjoy our Indoor or outdoor Meditation Gardening.

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