About our Founder – Dr. Hanan Ayoub, MD, MPH, IMD

Dr. Hanan Ayoub, MD, MPH, IMD

Dr. Hanan Ayoub, MD, MPH, IMD,
Atlantis Centers Founder

Hanan Ayoub, MD, MPH, is a pioneer in Naturopathic and Environmental medicine, an educator, clinical researcher, and practitioner.

After earning a degree in clinical pathology from UT, Texas. Dr. Ayoub began her career as a pathologist and assistant instructor in Environmental Medicine at the University of Texas’s School of Public Health.

Then her son was born, extremely premature. Dr. Ayoub began changing her career path to integrative and Naturopathic medicine. She earned a doctorate degree in Integrative Medicines from Quantum University in Hawaii.

Her own journey with her son made Dr. Ayoub committed to her practice serving a higher purpose of healing her patients. Having discovered that many of her patients, including her son, would not recover if related environmental risk factors associated with their diseases were not addressed, Dr. Ayoub focused her practice in 2010 on diseases of the central nervous system related to environmental problems.

Dr. Ayoub founded Atlantis Centers Inc. in 2007. Through her advocacy and leadership, Atlantis Education and Medical Center, and SunRise Undergraduate University in New Jersey were established for training traditional healthcare students as well as those with neurological challenges.

A leader in her community, Dr. Ayoub passionately seeks peace and education for all, a hallmark of Atlantis Centers’ mission. Seeking natural ways to recover from disease and suffering, while being responsible members of the ecosystem and global community, Dr. Ayoub is driven to provide educational opportunities for others to expand her movement.

Healing for the Body, Mind, & Planet

Ph. D., Quantum University, and Doctorate of Integrative Medicine
In Honolulu HI

M.D., M.P.H.    University of Texas School of Medicine and Public Health, Master’s in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Rotating Internship in Public Health, Environmental and Occupational, Aerospace Medicine, at University of Texas

M.D. Kasir Al Ainy Medical University in Cairo Egypt, Internal medicine and Surgery Medical Degree.

B.S., MBBCh Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Rotating Internship, Cairo University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

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