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Atlantis Centers Integrative Medicine, We Take a Different Approach to Your Well-Being

Atlantis Centers Integrative MedicineA Naturopathic Health Center in New Jersey

Are you frustrated with doctors’ visits that take more time in the waiting room than actually discussing your concerns?
Are you looking for a more comprehensive, natural approach to your health?
Ready to say goodbye to prescriptions that just mask symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of your disease?

Conditions We Help Treat

Neurologic Sleep Disorders and Breathing/Sleep Disorders

Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nerve Injuries and the Neuroendocrine Diseases and Impairment caused by environmental factors.

Naturopathic Health Center

• Alzheimer
• Epilepsy
• Early Dementia
• Nervous System Injuries
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Premature Aging

Disorders due to environmental factors. Such as:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Insomnia

Have You Been Exposed to any of these Environmental Risk Factors?

  • Air pollution. This is a chronic source of neuroinflammation, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and neuropathology instigating Central and Peripheral nervous system (CNS & PNS) as well as the Neuroendocrine System ( NES) diseases.
  • Heavy Metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic found in the air, water, soil, and drugs/food
  • Pesticides
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sleep Deprivation

How does Atlantis Centers differ from traditional medical clinics?

Natural Healing Techniques

What can I expect?

We are an Integrative Medical facility, which means we approach healing by looking at a person’s whole lifestyle. This includes:
Exercise patterns
Interpersonal relationships
Integrative medicine believes all of these factors directly relate to someone developing and continuing to suffer from an illness.

We’ll evaluate you for these factors and support you in changing negative lifestyle patterns that are damaging your health. We also work with you to help you establish positive habits

As part of our therapeutic protocol we individualize treatment plans with an emphasis on:
Prevention of all Environmental Risk Factors

This includes prescription drugs that only suppress symptoms temporarily. These drugs could be the main reason for your illness.

Our goal is to empower you to be an advocate and decision-maker in your own healing and treatment plans.

Patients with Chronic Nervous System and NeuroEndocrine System illnesses or dysfunctions. Are you ready to try a different approach to healing? Our integrative medicine approach uses

Complementary medicine
Occupational and physical therapy to gradually help build up your strength
Natural treatments with less hassle and side effects compared to conventional medicine

Understanding that the Nervous and Endocrine system environmental diseases are mostly preventable, The nervous system controls virtually all body activities, and the endocrine system secretes hormones that regulate these activities. Functioning together, the organ systems supply body cells with all the substances they need and eliminate their wastes. When this System is injured by environmental pollutants, feedback loops in different homeostatic systems that operate to maintain equilibrium become imbalanced and diseases occur.

We believe it’s imperative for patients suffering from chronic environmental diseases to seek out integrative care. If patients choose not to prevent further harm to their bodies, only using conventional treatment, there is great concern that they will become permanently disabled or die prematurely. Remember, conventional medicine is not designed to cure the root causes of these diseases and only works to temporarily suppress symptoms.

Learn a natural approach to healing

We see patients under our care who have gone from being permanently disabled improve to be able to handle work and daily living functions again.

Caregivers, benefit from our educational and Naturopathic program

Our Naturopathic Mission

Environmental HealthTo help patients avoid further harm from dangerous environment risk factors
To bring awareness to prevent environmental CNS, PNS and NES injuries and illnesses
To differentiate treatment approaches for diseases caused by a toxic environment versus other disorders caused by genetics or other factors
We will not prescribe an optimal medicine without a comprehensive assessment and approach. Conventional medicine’s approach is incomplete and failing many patients.
We integrate and individualize a treatment plan for each patient. We do not just simply prescribe a drug. When treating chronic environmental dysfunctions we pay close attention to the patient's holistic daily living activities and their human interactions with a safe environment.

Traditional medicine’s approach: A quick doctor’s visit and a long-term prescription medication.
Our Atlantis Centers approach: Comprehensive, unhurried examinations and evaluations. A cautious approach to medications.

Currently offering Telemedicine to assess our patients with environmental and occupational injuries and illnesses of Central Nervous System (CNS), Peripheral Nervous System ( PNS) and NeuroEndocrine System ( NES) conditions.

In addition to diagnosis and screening for root cause of illness, we provide:

An individualized wellness and educational program.

Email Health Assessment Survey and Telehealth Assessment with one of our staff
Atlantis Centers Personalized Occupational and Environmental Health Assessment Survey - We assess all risk factors and protective factors to ameliorate or prevent further Environmental and Occupational diseases or dysfunctions.
Personalized Health Plan and Initial Healthy Living Program to start your wellness program

Our New Jersey Naturopathic Wellness Center offers:

Health screening, Education and Support Services, including:

  • Sleep Clinic testing for sleep disorders caused by environmental and occupational injuries
  • In-depth Nutritional and Hormonal Analysis: we test to get to the root cause of Environmental CNS, PNS and NES ailments and disease.

Our battery of tests will give us a profile of your:

Nutrient Levels
Inflammation Markers
Full Hormonal Panel

Atlantis Centers Integrative Medicine. A Drug-less Approach to Health

Some of our additional integrative medicine services include:

Homeopathic Therapy
Lymphatic Massage Therapy
Nutritional Counseling
Occupational & Sports Therapy

A Daily Hands-on Practical Life Program

We’re Here for Your Healing: Naturopathic Care in New Jersey

You have the option to have a Healthy Living Program Coach assigned to you who can assist you with your habit changes and help keep you focused on your goals. Your coach can help you:
Learn how to shop and eat healthy
Discover how to avoid hormonal disruptors
Avoid further environmental stressors
Create a sustainable daily lifestyle with activities that promote recovery.

We also offer a daily virtual focused workshop with half-day experiences. Check the Center’s Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

Schedule for more information.

All Atlantis Centers patients have online access to our Healthy Living Portal, a resource packed with expert advice you can trust, healthy recipes, and information.

New Jersey Locals:

Come visit the Atlantis Centers Wellness Rooms, which includes

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Ozone Sauna
  • Indoor and Outdoor Horticultural Therapies

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