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Atlantis Centers combines an array of education programs and opportunities for undergraduate and continuing education professionals, with a patient-centric holistic clinic that takes a natural approach to solving a variety of ailments.

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Naturopathic physicians work alongside your primary care physician and specialist to personalize your treatment.

Our clinic is designed for patients suffering from environmental diseases. Such as, the central and peripheral nervous system, neuroendocrine system and associated diseases due to environmental risk factors.

Our self-sustaining business model operates independently outside the restrictions on care of insurance carriers. This allows us to offer greater patient care and time with each patient. Diagnostics are covered by most insurances, with all other services offered with out-of-pocket membership packages.

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A Message from Our Founder

Healing cannot be forced or rushed. True healers must serve with patience and be fully present to each individual patient’s unique lifestyle and needs.

We can improve health by practicing and protecting our environment. Preventing further illnesses is possible by taking actions toward waste minimization, sustainable uses of resources, eliminating heavy metal and chemicals usage in the products we regularly use, and learning how to avoid stress to build a better quality of life.

Humanity and nature are not separate – we must see them as one to fix the environmental stressors and diseases that emerged from our own doings!

At Atlantis Centers our educational programs and clinical services work together in achieving our mission.
-Dr. Hanan Ayoub, MD, MPH, IMD

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