Patient care

Patient Care

At Atlantis Healthcare Group we provide education and care for adults and children who suffer from neurologic and chest diseases caused by occupational and environmental pollutants. These may include Autism spectrum disorders, neuropsychological , learning disabilities, along with other chronic conditions and diseases. After a consultation with the patient an individualized program is put in place in order for the patient to receive the ultimate care.

A person’s lifestyle including his or her diet, sleep and exercise patterns, stresses and interpersonal relationships are believed to be directly related to the development and maintenance of illness. Integrative medicines evaluates these factors and supports the patient to give up negative lifestyle patterns and establish positive ones regardless of type of medical problems. As part of our therapeutic protocol, we will recommend the following therapies within your individualized plan. Therapies include the following:

    • Homeopathy Therapy
    • Lymphatic Massage Therapy
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Mindfulness Yoga and Somatic Movement
    • Energy Healing
    • Hieroglyphics Art Therapy
    • Occupational & Sport Therapy

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