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Simulation Education for Real-World Success

SunRise University is one of the first schools of its kind to offer hands-on learning using a simulation environment. This immersive experience provides a unique natural setting with realistic treatment and care opportunities for students and trainees in environmental neurobiology and sleep medicine.

Our simulation-based medical education improves medical care with a goal of linking the health of our environment to the health of patients. By bringing awareness to our students we can begin to create better ways to solve environmental diseases naturally, both in our communities and on a global scale.

At SunRise University, we believe in leading the way to an inclusive and accessible education for everyone.

Naturopathic, Integrative Medicine & Environmental Medicine Education in New Jersey

Now more than ever, patients are seeking out more holistic and natural therapies. They’re learning that the environment and what they expose their bodies to can be sources of disease.
Many patients are looking for Naturopathic Practitioners who can take the time to learn about their lifestyles and propose an informed holistic course of treatment.
SunRise University looks forward to educating the next generation of healers, listeners, and medical professionals focused on addressing the needs of the patient. We believe real healing comes from a holistic understanding of the body and environment.
Visit our campus. From our clinical studies and research centers to our integrative approach to health found in our outdoor wellness retreats, you’ll see firsthand how we combine the many parts of wellness into a unified system.

Who should consider attending SunRise University?

Simulation Education Sunrise UniversityAnyone interested in receiving an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Anyone interest in becoming a health professional in:
Environmental Medicine
Integrative Medicine
Occupational Health
Physical Therapy

We welcome:

  • Students of every age and background looking to gain a career-focused education in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine.
  • Both mainstream and non-traditional undergraduate students with learning difficulties.
  • Those training to become health professionals in environmental medicine/education, and integrative medicine.
  • Degreed Researchers and Clinicians wanting to join our research program, who have an interest in medicine and central nervous system disorder caused by environmental factors.

Our students go on to be:

Physician Assistants
Occupational and Physical Therapists


SunRise Associate Degrees (AA)

We offer Live and Distance Learning Liberal Arts Associate Degrees in a variety of subjects including:

  • Environmental
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • History

Our general education courses are designed to help students develop the essential career skills that are in high demand across many industries.

Sunrise Bachelor Degrees

Innovative and affordable, online and on-campus classes.
Learn from scientists, therapists, and specialists in their fields with our career-focused programs.

Sunrise University was recently approved to offer an additional undergraduate program in Wellness and Environmental Health Science. Focusing on:

  • Wellness
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Environmental Health

Health Care Student Clinics

We offer Continuing Education Units (CEU) for healthcare students and clinical training in environmental and integrative medical therapies to help facilitate licensure. The therapeutic component of this program:
Serves individuals age 14-25 with learning and emotional difficulties
Offers training for health professional students.
All tracks are offered simultaneously offering undergraduate students the opportunity to work in these courses as well.

Naturopathic Health Training

Naturopathic Mental Health TrainingAre you a nurse or health care practitioner interested in expanding your expertise to include integrative health?

Provide the compassionate patient-centered care that patients are seeking with an education that combines naturopathic, clinical, environmental, social-behavioral sciences, art, and the science of medicine. This Sunrise Innovative Course (SIC) is designed for aspiring nurses and physicians who want to build their clinical skills and integrative health awareness into their training.
SIC includes three components:

  1. Clinical Experiences
  2. Interactive Large Group Workshops
  3. Small group study sessions and workshops.

Environmental Workshops

Our Integrative Wellness Center presents weekly Saturday Environmental Workshops led by SunRise’s Dr. Hanan Ayoub-Fadil. Each one-hour session tackles a chronic disease and is followed by consultations from staff in various departments, including psychology, environmental medicine, sleep medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition, plus a health-focused lunch.

Donations to this organization are tax deductible.

ATLANTIS CENTERS INC DBA Sunrise University; A 501 (c)(3)
EIN: 26-0376891
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